Scathing Letters

To: Robert | From: Don wrote: > 1- I am not your boy, you are my bitch. > 2- I love that you say we were off playing producer. I found a book. I > optioned it with my own money. I got an a list writer to write a draft on spec. > I hooked up the director. I got a lead to commit to the film. Chris and > Fernando lined up the money. You pushed around paper. For that you want the > word producer next to your name? YOU ARE A HIRED GLORIFIED ACCOUNTANT WHO DOES > NOT KNOW HIS PLACE. > 3- No, sex is out apparently for you with men and women. Clean your fist. > 4- Gots ta tell you buster brown, you have no co-producer agreement signed by me > and I have to approve it as a one-third partner. > 5- Your fax is unintelligble- I just went over it with my friend at Sony > Physical Production - he thinks maybe we should check because the double speak > implies that maybe some GAMES have been played by you with the money. > 6- I promise you - with my profile in town, with who I am and what I do, I WILL > GET AND TAKE the opportunity to watch the seagulls chew on your dead eyes in the > sand. > > Do your job, shut up, and go..... but until then realize you are nothing to > everyone who has worked with you.