Scathing Letters

To: Thomas | From: Santos

Well, well, well......thomas, as they say..... you can't keep the truth of a man out of the man! your last email to me, last night telling me to '......stop asking me to help your homeless little ass....' proves, beyond what i even expected.....even from you; that you are a self-righteous, scum bag, who only really is moved to serve, when it is you serving your dirty disgusting crazed sickning cum-seed all over the smelly musky ass-crack of some woman with a cock or a dude with tits.....your under-sized and under-pussied, bald-boy-cock....... stained with the shit of one of your freshly hunted, ass-fingered and sucked, yes..... fingered and fucked by you, and then, so adored and fawned over by you crouching and grunting like a man willing to risk death of his cock and his soul and the death of any love so that he might oooooooh, continure his ADDICTION to touch that man-meat in women's panties...... -and he even feels like a woman....from behind...... right danny? yeah, that's know it. and then how quickly, i bet, that some hated seeps from your limp soul, and you have your boy-toy w/ titties, dumped with several of the bigger american dollar bills and your scummy seed spilling down the hairy thighs you wish she had remembered to shave. and then how you hurry and make a turn, sharply in the darkness. turn your head ever so slightly to help get you and yourself around that dark dirty corner and out of the light, that much quicker........and then, yeah, here......quick, another turn. fuck....a light!, or perhaps, another block, then a there.....perhaps, somewhere just off of santa monica blvd......say, around las palmas...... funny how you don't hide your face when you are trying to see if may recognize them, before they ever could possibly recognize you......that moment before you see who it is that you are creeping up on with your half hard on........must be such confusion for you dear man. horror, of which i can not fathom, nor, i know will ever know such addiction of such hate and unfulfillment of something that you start out with revenge, obtain though addiction and finish in hate. most sadly; self hate. and, you know, maybe........just maybe, if you opened your near souless will see that what i am, who i am is nothing more.......than: MUCH MORE THAN YOU. for, i am not ashamed to be me...... for i am me for me. you can't even be a friend to yourself....much less to me. so, why am i suprised and even let down or kept feeling down about myself and my situation, after reading your tactless, thankless, unreal letter of selfishness and soulessness. so, if i weren't a drug addict or hadn't been such a horrific addict in the past, then....... 1- you wouldn't even be close to making a movie with your name on it. still. this very project required me to BE a drug addict once upon a time....fuck face. this is what i call you sayin' '.....drug addict......blablablabbla.........' while YOU DINKY, sinlently, fuck a boy's asshole talk talk talk. IS THE WAY YOU act towards me so bitterly, because i don't let you fondle my large, thick cock, danny? and, is also, the way in which you bitch-lie-dickweedtalk; is that what you could call. 'biting the hand that feeds you'? is it sir dinky-cuntman? ......rather, sissy-cunt-bitchy-boy. 2- which would mean that anything ELSE you are working on, as far as a real movie goes; would even be that much more distant. since, you couldn't drop names like aukerland and rourke and de los santos. yes, de los santos.....names, that will undoubtedley help you immensley make ANY movie you may make in the future. look. fine, don't help me even think of anything. don't offer to help me perhaps stay where you stay when you are in town. even JUST UNTIL THE 21ST...when, at which time, i'll have my own place 'till the 7th to sublet in the hills. but at the least DON'T GIVE ME SHIT ABOUT ME AND MY LIFE. I'M HAVING A HARD TIME RIGHT NOW......NOT BECAUSE OF MY ADDICTION FUCKER.....but, BECAUSE actually, for once, i was really working hard TRYING TO GET YOU AND OTHERS LIKE YOU MONEY $25G REMEMBER asswiping fucksuck......?!?!? you're welcome you cuntbleed. but, i suppose since we didn't close that deal, (which by the way, was entirely, from the START talked about, organized meetings planned and prepared for in advanced, pitched, communicated about within my company MIG, and you and your company.....correctly! openly. righteosly. for real. 25g i tried to get for you. all i got from you about anything remotely close was: 1- you pitching and showing letters/proposals/budgets about a project about me!!!!! -to the main dude without EVEN SHOWING IT TO ME! are you a fuck face? and anyway, it was only for a measly fucking 3g for me for an entire month of opening my life and soul and art up to cameras. and sure....a drug addict on any documentary that your name on would be cool. but, not if you can get paid too; up front just like me. yeah, and as soon as you can't get paid.....(you don't really give a fuck about me or my financial plight, trying to get ME money....) you and your any camera you may have to actually GET it going; are suddenly, secretively......GONE (?) but you know, '.....i should just ignore you.....' and, for what i have learned about you, is......... that, presicely what you most certainly want. -to be left alone to your sesspool of spunk and shit on your prick and mean-spiritedness in your heart....unless, there is sin or money of sin, of envy.....COVETING MY VERY SOUL AND LIFE MAKING THE ART OF LIFE ART; yours. or, at least, partly yours by getting your name on it...... may i have the gifts and blessings of which the gods and goddess have bestowed me, taken..... if i ever, in any way, forget that such a person...... one person named so by himself, to be called: danny thomas........ is NOT my friend. and, if he is indeed what a friend is to another...... -friends, i need not. -friends, then i, want not. danny- you poor, poor man. how you......... you danny, you are the one that needs help and, certainly, a friend. however, it is i that will forgive and you that will only deny and avoid yourself and my figures of you for the only way you know to deal with yourself, is by avoiding me and the few that resemble me. seeing so clearly, that it is all about mr. me me me me. .....'cept when it really is about you you you you. and, how quickly you don't like you. i am- Addicted. but NOT.........a dick. i am- in survival. but NOT, in denial. i am- hetrosexual and occasionally high...... NOT, homosexual and hiding, acting like high-almighty, telling it like it is, and telling it like it's been seen through your very eyes, and.......of which has been clearly seen within the sight of one which is of the......... -Will De Los Santos