Scathing Letters

To: | From: Bully Producers

Subject: BULLY Producers Reply To The Statement Of Death Threats Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 20:51:51 -0700 From: chris hanley To: Well I am the producer of the film along with Don Murphy and Fernando Sulichin and we are completely baffled. In fact we love the controversy that your site and statements contained therein has created around the movie Bully--and the director and our selves as producers have always enjoyed the right of others to criticize our work. Don Murphy made Natural Born Killers and I made American Psycho and Larry Clark made Kids--and these films were subject to extreme controversy which we felt opened the themes of the movies to scrutiny that engendered a fair analysis of the content presented to our audiences.

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To: Murphy | From: Hanley

Subject: Death Threats Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 12:25:58 -0700 From: To: chris@MuseFilm.COM CC:,,dehillary@MuseFilm.COM, Chris do you think this was Jordan? VERY FUCKING FUNNY EITHER WAY.

To: Santos | From: Spun Producers

FROM SPUN PRODUCERS TO SANTOS From: tim peternel 9:46 AM Subject: CHECK URSELF INTO REHAB-BUT RETURN THE TAPES 1ST To: William De Los Santos, danny@MuseFilm.COM will as you might recall (not sure if your brain is completely fried yet) but the REASON you had trouble getting on to the set (nothing to do with Muse or Danny) was your never ending battles with Jonas Akerlund the director of the film...which I pleaded with you not to do but that is water under the bridge at this moment of life.......I was/still am pissed because it got back to Ash makes us all look like idiots.....Ash and the other three distributors OWN the picture....

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