Scathing Letters

To: Gallo | From: Murphy

To: Don Murphy cc: Subject: Re: Mansonmania by William Blake on 8/28/01 12:10 PM, Don_Murphy wrote: > > > Vincent: > > > Round and Round the phone calls go > Does he want it? I don't know.... > > Knows the cash is awful small > Asks for so much, almost all. > > Must see the script is make or break > Lots of people's dreams at stake.... > > Busy guy can do anything > Yet cannot bear to return a ring > > Charlie will be one for the ages > He'd know that if he read the pages > > Time is moving and so am I > We must meet, It's do or die! > > --Don > > i sure do hope you wrote your script as well as this poem. well two things here. i am not interested in the role for less than $600,000. i am sorry to be so tuff on the money, but that is my bottom line. after i heard about your meeting with that bum of an actor i am much less willing to work for a penny less than 6K. that meeting told me you were not 100% sure you wanted me for the role or 100% willing to do whatever to get me in the role. i made stronger moves to get extra's in my film. you have the ego of a performer when it comes to casting. to this day i have never received a direct offer for the role. i could have cut my hair 50 times already. if i wanted me for a manson film, i would have had me a long time ago. i hope you put more passion into the rest of the casting job and the making of your movie. if i wanted me for a manson film i would have had me in it 100%. i can't imagine to have changed my vision of buffalo 66 in any way. without ricci i would have never made the trip to buffalo land. good luck with your film kind regards vincent gallo