Scathing Letters

To: Rack | From: Hanley

From: Chris Hanley Date: Thu Feb 20, 2003 5:42:07 PM America/Los_Angeles To: Cc:, tim@MuseFilm.COM,,,,,,, Danny Thomas , Timothy Peternel ,, Al Dickerson Subject: Re: Billy Corgan I merely was requesting that the signature on the Corgan contract be affixed to the document that many very esteemed council have also failed to get , even though it is fully agreed upon, just as I have. also : prior to your tenure at the Motion Picture Bond , I advised that no elements be sent out of the country to Al Dickerson , who represented the production for the MPB, without there being strict written limits agreed to in writing by those that would have control of the elements in distant countries, which included the choice of the songs. This I have in writing. The Bond company also reviewed the licenses and signed off on them when they were delivered. And then delivered said licenses to my office. As to the cost of the licenses , it is well known that there had been an understanding that a couple tracks of Billy Corgan's were includable in a Soundtrack, which turned out to not be the case --which the Producers did not have control of. I was not trying to be facetious: I was quite seriously requesting a signature , and noted my concern was based on the release date of the film. I also was not being facetious in my indication tion I understood that Billy Corgan and his associates were very fond of Spun as there were a few directo conversations with his associates who clearly stated this. His contract by the way shows he is a fan of Jonas and the film , because the terms are most reasonable. Also I offered to have a face to face meeting anywhere in the world for several weeks now in order to close the matter of the as yet unexecuted contract. I represent also the distributors of the film and should not be blamed for stating factual delivery schedules that contain deadlines. I provided information to all parties that a deadline was imminent some time ago , and again received rancor for informing fact. I will thank you heartily when all the aforementioned efforts show that an agreement on the music rights remaining is realized, as you would deserve. thanks Chris Hanley Spun Inc