Scathing Letters

To: Danny Thomas, William Santos | From: Chris Hanley

danny: actually santos might have finally gotten the operation like he alwaysused to talk about ,its funny but in the world of inteet communications where people oftendont meet , perhaps never meet . . many people now create new identitiesin the minds of the people they send out emails too . . the opportunityfor so called hoax's of false identity are pervasive these days, and JT isan example of the trend one has in being able to recreate ourselvesin ways that were not permitted by prior cultural historical periods -- we are in the age of"avatars" , myths of our own selves being as real to us and those to whomwe communicate the events of our lives to, as our non-mythical day today existence.its ok -- even the one referencing self reproducing identity programs as questionablelegal entities, at least in the event of a identity program that mutated on its own where there isno obvious human designer of the autonomous self reproducing program. ( well dnais that , after all -- it leads even to networks of neurons , electro- chemical fields pattesthat constitute thought -- apparently 20% of the human genone is actually patented-- apparently having been "discovered" by researchers , or research institutions ( so corporation, and govement agencies have patents on some of each of our geneticmakeups.JT Leroy afterall is not human -- not real -- never bo -- the mere creation of a dnabased a human ( or humans) entity's pattes of thought.put up on the muse site all the letters so farchris

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To: Thomas, Hillary | From: Hanley

William Hurt could play me , and Uma with dark hair and a big bush can play Asia If we need to go younger Heath Leger and Zhang Zhihi Chris Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile. -----Original Message----- From: David Hillary <> Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 14:09:44 To:chris@MuseFilm.COM Subject: Re: J.T. Leroy Article NY Times Chris, can we put this hilarious email exchange on the Muse website? This is the movie. The Making of J.T. LeRoy aka Savanah Knoop. Who would you want to play you in the movie? Who would play Asia? Best, David

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