To: Elyse R. Scherz | From: Roberta Hanley

-----Original Message----- From: roberta@musefilm.com Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 22:37:54 To: Elyse Scherz. WME Subject: Re: Please Elyse, I am up to speed after speaking to andrew. Although it seems clear that jessica alba will go on promoting her own performance only if casey affleck a mentally imbalanced person with a diminished mental state agrees to go. It isn't the independant thinking female character that is responding at this time, but a female suppressed by a male who is sadistic and inferior. This isn't normal. There are filmmakers, her peers, albeit directors, press, and fellow actors that will hear this response and wonder what century we are in and if she is under some taliban sensibility. But not jessica alba who was an independent and free human being albeit a female. My disappointment is boundless. I am horrified by casey's power over her career's direction. I do not see where she lost her strength, but I wouldn't consider this behaviour becoming a hollywood star at any time. Historically actresses were beyond the bondage of society. beyond men controlling them since Aspasia in ancient Greece to sarah bernhardt in the turn of the 20th century to margaret sanger (chris' great aunt and his middle name) and instead we are to be left with sarah palin and jessica alba representing female empowerment. I am nauseous from feminine weakness. Her screen sexuality is tainted by being under the will of any male that shows strength no matter how weak or mentally ill he may be.

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