To: MUSE productions I From: A Thankful, Anti-Verhoeven Believer

Is this the Chris Hanley connected company producing, "Jesus of Nazareth"? Paul Verhoeven is one sic child with prestige money and lies, however, thank you for producing these lies. God will turn them to good. If not, I apologize as many articles have your company name. Thank you and God bless.

HUGE Premieres for Spring Breakers

"The pink carpet premiere in Berlin was a monster." - Chris Hanley of MUSE We've hit Paris, Berlin (pictured below) and today, Madrid and the turnout is even better than expected (and we knew we had a hit on our hands). The fans are blowing our minds! We are nuts about you too. sb2 20130219_050919_one 20130219_050908_one 20130219_053652_one

NSFW (Read: RAW) Trailer for Spring Breakers

The new (not safe for work) Spring Breakers trailer is out! Share this one with your friends but not with your boss. It’ll get you very excited for the imminent release.