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Check out the epic concept shots from the forthcoming London Fields, based on Martin Amis' highly-acclaimed novel with screenplay by MUSE's Roberta Hanley. The film will star Amber Heard, Billy Bob Thornton and Jim Sturgess and will begin filming in London in three short weeks. ApreyFoyer AspreyLivingRoom Aspreysbedroom2 AspreyStudy bathroom blackcrossexterior2 blackcrossinterior blackholedarts brixtonmatch chicksplace clinchhouse deadendstreet dinosaurpark2 eclipse edinberrymatch estatecar keithscurry londontown marmaduke mirroredhallway nicolabed trellick UnfinishedRoom

Spring Breakers vs. Smurfs 2

smurf-break Who knew Harmony Korine’s debaucherous spring break romp would be compared to the recently released Smurfs 2! says… "On the surface, the animated feature seems like a loving tribute to the classic cartoons of Belgian comic strip artist Peyo. But lurking beneath the blue-toned epidermis of this so-called children’s story there is something… darker. Scarier. There is Spring Breakers." Uh oh.