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To: Muse | From: Sadie

10/30/2000 7:59 AM

Subject: Guess Christina won’t be playing

SadieTo: chris@MuseFilm.COM,,,


And this psycho prick is who you stand behind for Charlie, Chris? I can

Wait forever before I have to spend three months dependent on him….


10/30/2000 7:36 AM

Subject: Guess Christina won’t be playing SadieTo:


Monday,October 30,2000




IT’S a safe bet that Christina Ricci won’t be working with iconoclastic

indie actor Vincent Gallo anytime soon.

Gallo – who co-starred with Ricci in his 1998 directorial debut “Buffalo

66” – spewed venom about the moon-faced moppet when PAGE SIX bumped into

him at downtown hotspot Luahn the other night.

When we asked if he enjoyed working with Ricci, Gallo growled, “It was

OK when she wasn’t drunk on the set. I think she’s an alcoholic – it was

either that, or she was on cough syrup the whole time.

“I don’t like her,” Gallo continued. “She’s an ungrateful c- – -. But it

was OK. She’s basically a puppet. I told her what to do and she did it.”

Gallo also sniped about the voluptuous Ricci’s fluctuating weight during

filming: “She lost 17 pounds, and that was because I only let her eat

one whole pizza pie every day.”

The actor/writer/director and former Calvin Klein model ranted about

Ricci at a packed party early Friday morning, attended by Oscar De La

Hoya, music producer Rick Rubin, Benihana heiress Devon Aoki (sans beau

Lenny Kravitz) and ID Models mogul Paolo Zampolli, who as usual was

accompanied by a coterie of leggy lovelies.

Gallo, who sat at a table with Rubin, told us that they were teaming up

on a movie about Charles Manson.

“It’s called ´┐ŻCharlie Manson Sings,'” he said. “I play Manson. Rick is

producing it. It’s basically a musical. It’s amazing.”

As if all that information wasn’t enough, Gallo volunteered that he

would be voting for George W. Bush, and uttered an unprintable epithet

about Al Gore for good measure.

“I really hope Bush wins,” he declared. “He’s a good American.”

Ricci, one of Hollywood’s hottest young actresses, has starred in

“Sleepy Hollow,” “The Opposite of Sex” and “The Ice Storm.” She was

filming “Pumpkin” in California and could not be reached for comment.

But Ricci’s high-powered publicist, Mara Buxbaum, whom Gallo also

singled out for ridicule in his rant, seemed shocked by Gallo’s

over-the-top comments.

“I’ve never heard Christina say anything but nice things about Vincent,

so I’m not sure why he’s saying these things,” she said.

“As far as I know, they got along perfectly well on the set. I can’t

even fathom why he’s saying these things. Maybe he’s trying to get into

the papers.”