Scathing Letters

To: Muse | From: Santos


Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2001 07:09:20 +0000


To: chris@MuseFilm.COM

CC: danny@MuseFilm.COM, tim@MuseFilm.COM

yeah, great letters y’all trade about me…..

just for the record…..that ‘chick’ that claims all that crap, wanted to keep fucking me so that she would become pregnant christ, how she wants my baby…..and, when i stopped fucking her, she flipped-out and said that if i didn’t stay with her, i mean, KEEP on fucking her, that she would, do all she could to ‘ruin’ me. she even claimed to BE pregnanat. calling me at muse telling me this. then, a few days later, she called to tell me she had an abortion. what crap. she couldn’t have even fucking known she was pregnant that soon…..what a lyin’ bitch, shit, she never even made me cum up her cunt anyway.┬ávince vaughn AND stephen dorf both told me that she was a whako and that i should stay away…… but, i didn’t listen, and pumped her anyway.

only truth: all i had in the bag in which she said she looked in; was porn.

-De Los Santos