Scathing Letters

To: Muse | From: Santos

Subject: the letter you asked for

Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2001 07:01:27 -0700

From: William De Los Santos <>

To: chris@MuseFilm.COM


ok, here it is. if you ever reprint it chris, print ALL OF IT, or none of it. deal?



Written March 3, 2001 from eugene, oregon while doing locations for spun; trying to be the pied-piper, pulling spun’s production up north where it’s production, ultimately, ought to have taken place……~

RE: SPUN and it’s birth-canal not being blocked


All that i can say is: ONE of you, or ALL THREE OF YOU, MUST


call me at a.s.a.p.

the money is really, ALL but THERE, NOW…….


Anyway, you guys tell me, ‘…….renita is having a hard time without jonas…..(etc.)……’ Look, i could be of like a HUGE help on this. NOBODY pitches spun better in person than ME! period. isn’t that fucking obvious by now, man?~! i can get ANYBODY this script. yeah, yeah, i know, so can many others…right?! so then, why does it take so long TO get shit done on the casting end? really? why? i can get it to, whomever you want to get it to……within 24 hours, in their hands, from here in OREGON, MOROCCO or ROME, so why is ms. renita having ‘such a hard time’ without jonas(?) bullshit! …..anyway, i hate bragging…but, fuck! you guys (tim and danny); you BOTH, talk to me one day and tell me all is ok, ‘lay-off’, etc. then, like later that VERY SAME day or the next morning, both of y’all are telling me to find the money, etc….. so, fuck it. i have. so, CALL ME BACK, BOYZZZZZZZ!?!?!

and as far as casting goes….here are some notes of mine today:

* josie maran is not good for really anything except THE FEMAIL HIPPIE. i think in that role, she would be doing not only herself a favor by not biting off more than she can swallow, (not a sexual meaning hidden there by the way, though i know you all know i’m quite sweet on this grrrrrrrrl), don’t let anyone tell you she could be something other than that. BUT, i could be wrong, and now that i think about it, she maybe IS AMY……~! ACTUALLY, cum, whoops, come to think of it she perhaps would make a great and very perfect AMY….. however, really, other than that, the only thing MAYBE she could do other than the hippie chick and maybe AMY, (though totally DEPENDENT MOSTLY on who is cast as ROSS); would be GIGGLES, perhaps.

* GWEYN STEFANI only, for the role of LA SAD GIRL. (josie paired with gweyn, would be a good aesthetic in different body types…..and, they both can play ‘ethnic’.

* WE CAN TRY and go after SANDRA BERNHARD to play the roles of: -either…….THE FEMALE COP or, if MADONNA doesn’t work out, THE NEIGHBOR. i’ve had extended talks with sandra’s people, a lot! she has read the script, and would maybe go for it.

* MATHEW MODINE as THE MALE COP. his manager (untitled entertainment/eastcoast office), who is based in new york, knows about the script and digs it. MODINE’S AGENTS name/number is: ELISE KONIALIAN 212-962-4400 modine COULD be a good and trippy VETERINARIAN, or even, THE VETRINARIAN.

* IF, DENNIS HOPPER doesn’t make it onboard all the way……ideas for THE MAN: CHRISTOPHER WALKEN or WILEM DEFOE.

* BRAD RENFRO IS SIMPLY NOT RIGHT FOR ROSS. one, he is more like a jock/frat guy at first glance, and ROSS IS NOT a frat guy. frat/skater/jock guys DO NOT DO METHAMPHETAMINE! two, same as one. three same as two AND one……i am against renfro as ross. no way.

* DEVON SAWA for ROSS. now here is a good looking young up and cumming star….! jonas, i would think would like this kid.

* NORMAN REEDUS, iS AND should be, what i see AS a very obvious choice now; IS SUCH THE BEST CHOICE FOR ROSS…..but, shit, what do you y’all know….all ya once told me that i should lay off of david unger, and just let him do his ‘thing’. *(more on UNGER in a minute). back to norman……SO, if jonas wants a ‘pretty boyish’ kind of dude for ROSS, well then, cool…..that is understandable, considering the real-life guy that ROSS is portraying, IS CONSIDERED A PRETTY BOY don’t you know, yes, by a select group of very inteligent, impecably tasteful women; but, also, need i say unfortunately, by a large group of fake boobied Vinkettes types roaming the alleyways of venice and hollywood calling out after me as ‘Billy Boom-Boom…, wait….! wait, wait up Billy Boom-Boom….! I mean, Ok….I’ll try and look more like a girl for you from now on….if you really want me too….” but, anyway……there isn’t an actor that i know that it is out to for ROSS that a) is prettier. fuck norman IS THE MOST REMEMBERED PRADA MODEL in their history! his ‘pretty-boy’ reputation forever solidified by being with and having a baby with HELENE CHRISTENSON! jeez. chicks from allllllll over the world LOVE norman. especially in asia. he is bigger than furlong there. at least right now, he IS, that is for sure! I VOTE, REEDUS FOR ROSS!!! and hey, where IS DAVID UNGER? isn’t DAVID UNGER even rooting for his own ICM GUYS?!?! * BALTHAZAR GETTY. i have been talking to balt and his people the past couple of days. he wants to play ROSS pretty bad. he really wants to meet with jonas as soon as he can. he is pretty versitile in that he could be FRISBEE, too….say, if crispin glover were to move to the smaller role(s) of maybe THE PORN CLERK or one of THE COPS, or THE VETERNARIAN, or even a tripped-out, older MALE HIPPIE. i don’t know….but i just can’t see CRISPIN GLOVER NOT being in SPUN. and, i would bet that jonas would agree, to some extent.

Oh, ok, now……back to DAVID UNGER/MICKEY ROURKE roarings, before i forget……ok now,ah…..yeah, you all told me that UNGER was a budding uber agent, and that he was a good and forthright kinda-cat,…..and now……MICKEY ROURKE IS CALLING MUSE, THREATENING to hunt-down chris, for ‘exploiting him…’ etc…..well, THIS IS THE VERY TYPE OF THING THAT WILL kill spun. and you all have the fucking hairy nuts to think that it COULD EVER BE ME…?!?!? WHAT A god damn fucking CROCK OF SHIT!……i mean, FUCK, IF MICKEY IS NOT HAPPY WITH THE AMOUNT OF MONEY HE IS TO GET TO PLAY THE ROLE OF ‘THE COOK’, THEN, it is, (and i would think WOULD BE to you all, too, that….), FUCKING clear and absolutely THE VERY FAULT OF ONE DAVID UNGER. fuck, doesn’t unger TALK to mickey about what kind of deal that mickey is to be expecting to play THE COOK? and, DOESN’T DAVID UNGER even talk to one of you muse-mights also, about what mickey was to be expecting, to play THE COOK?!?!? I MEAN, WHAT??? what…THE……….FUCK…..!?!? AND, you know…..well, i presume, that NONE OF YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN THAT DAVID UNGER reps not only MICKEY ROURKE, BUT ALSO, yep: JONAS AKERLUND. THEREFORE… do i say this…..ah, well, if MICKEY is fuckin’ flipping-out about spun, etc….meaning that DAVID UNGER IS one of the following: a) allowing, perhaps even coercsing mickey’s behavior, for god-who-knows-why……! b) UNGER may, really be of an asshole, and…..doesn’t give a flying-fuck, if is mickey, really……he just wants to make as much for himself/icm as possible. and having mickey complain and threaten to have (oops, by accident….), jonas FIND OUT that mickey IS PISSED….ETC., ETC., ETC., kind of, perhaps, puts DAVID UNGER in a role much too powerful than that of which he is deserved to play. fuck unger if he is not going to:

1. get on mickey’s shit and straighten the money deal out with he AND chris. right away!

2. make sure that jonas DOES NOT FIND OUT ABOUT THE MICKEY PISSINGS. ’cause, if jonas DOES find out… will be ONLY because UNGER told him so……!

3. if both the above #’s 1 & 2 don’t come in favorable…….i am going to find unger and well, i suppose what i will say, is that ‘ol ambitious-go-getter-rah-rah-rah-david-unger, won’t be getting a tan this summer and won’t see the light of day ’till say well after halloween; living his life; his entire days and nights, for several months, from now until, say, near the end of this calendar year; waaaaaaay-out in the fucking middle of the mohave desert; in a ma ‘n pa owned, remotely located motel room. and our dipshit dealbreaking fuckface of an agent; UNGER will spend every one of his breaths in that motel’s BATHROOM, which is no larger than a fucking bathtub; gagged yet fed, (heck, he’ll be ok, i mean, he’ll be sleeping right there on the goddamn bathroom floor right in front of the pisser…, he’ll at least not have to piss and shit in a large ashtray ‘er something. he’ll be alright. oh, and too, our mr. cool ‘uber’ agent UNGER-dude, will most definately be guarded round the clock until i, me, yes, my very self, deems him worthy to eat his lunch OUT and i mean OUT……of an interveneous-usin’-1/2-hatian-1/2-wanna-be-hollywood-starlette-santa-monica-walkin’-blowjob-for-a-tenspot-hookers’-fingerwiped-asscore, then, still UNGER will not be let out of that motel bathroom ’till he fucking sucks the cocks of all of the Pink-Vinkettes that we can all round-up and get to agree to stop out at the motel, so that UNGER can 9and he mutherfuckin’ WILL, if he fucks up SPUN; suck them all-stalk-and-cumcrack IN FRONT OF A VIDEO CAMERA and i’ll make sure that he smiles and swallows. if he for even a second looks like he isn’t REALLY enjoying it; he will be doing it over and over and over until the playback looks like he is REALLY loving it, (I’m gonna fucking kick him in the head or in his stomach evey now and again just to remind him to keep up his cocksucking moaning too while he’s doing that hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month, not being allowed to shower or brush his teeth. only allowed to eat, shit, piss, suck and have his asshole fucked by select Vinkette’s, all in the spacious Mohave Motel room locked-down in a bathroom not much bigger than the size of an every family’s dog-house. then, after the ‘search teams’ and ‘investigators’ have exhausted all their feigning worry and loss, sometime probably in august/september, and after i let a fresh, tanned cocanut oiled thong wearin’ little bubble butt bouncin’ baby girl ’bout 17 ‘er 18 come pop into the room and let’s me make that icm fucker UNGER watch her ‘go number one, woops, i mean number one AND number two……heeheeheehee’, as the stinkin’ naked disgustin’ excuse for a human bein’, lay there tied-up in his regular day AND night clothes; rope. all bound there on the piss scummed sticky floor, so comfortable after awhile that he’ll even sleep for hours at a time when he is permitted, yep, right there in his very own do-it-all-have-it-all-life-room, just all his. he deserved it. he’s the one. the only one, that will never fuck-over and STILL bitch and talk shit and whine and hide shit and fascilitate no cast except ONE dude that he now will allow to THREATEN my producer!?!?! allow to, or even, most probably paved the very way for himself to a couple of season’s in what i WILL call HELL, just for him. UNGER better quell mickey’s aggression and confusion that obviously he is feelin’, like NOW. he better then make his way down there to you guys at muse and when he gets there, even though he WILL know that i won’t be in town that day; he’d MUTHERFUCKIN’ BETTER still ask you all how i am doing and better continue to praise me and my creations until someone ASKS him to stop doing so. then, he will only be ALLOWED to wipe his, sick-weakminded-creative-lacking-ASSHOLE-of-litte-ways-of-truth, BUNG gash with torn-out pages from all the copies of SPUN scripts that he was supposed to have read and sent to other agents and managers and talent, but whom he never even sent them to, and then fuck us all over some more; especially me….talkin’ all that shit ’bout how WILL is making him nervous and crap like that well he can bet THE VERY DAYS AND NIGHTS OF HIS SOON TO BE VERY SLOWED DOWN, SMILESS LIFE, that he very well CAN BE nervous about ME. SURE UNGER GO AHEAD AND BE…..NERVOUS; if you don’t fix your obvious communication problem you seem to be having when you are anywhere near me. and that means my scripts or my producer(s). what….? is mickey like your ‘dog’ now, man….? i can’t wait for uber-unger to either get on with his his career of being a hollywood agent and doing it FAIR AND well with all his WILL……or for him to prove my capacity for having the WAY of such a path and the WILL POWER to keep reserved deep in collective souls, a time of a season, if need be or be of the wanted, a season or even a season of two or three seasons shall i so make and thus mark, reserved for as to be ’round the Mohave Desert and make of its center dead maybe take it slow and try gettin’ some work done in the in the fresher of the staler mornings of the dust-long and lonely stirrings in my hot-dingged mind goin’ and goin’ so center of these seasons reserved for a hunger i now shudder for the reason to crave my soul-stomach snarling, spliting in the ‘ol Motel room with all the nothing i hear of UNGER moaning in mixed howls, groans and moans of a broken, (as the gods and goddesses WILL break ‘ol UNGER RIGHTEOUSLY), sorrowful, man whose tongue may not be left to be in one’s mouth, much longer in a pain that rekindles a cold tired cue given unto…..ah unto………unto, something of which i may mistake for pleasure, away to that of which submission yes the h-UNGER’s submission finally calls from down the thin carpetless hallway rushing through and off the wood splintered floor and fast-falling then rushing right straight up onto deaf ears of the ears i will have and have to have to have those who MADE THE photo-COPIES OF every single one stapled or not of each and every and i MEAN, every, every single page of every single copy of the script spinnig, SPUN so that UNGER was to hand about his circle of a day and down the lines of his nights and pass along and back and forth and, along; MADE THE CALLS THAT LED SPUN TO AND AWAY FROM a……what, what…a descent….simle and descent, DECADENT WAY, yes of decadence so simple as to be all of a no money business so MAGIC and LOSS when ONLY LAST DOLLARS OR EVEN the LAST CENT was gone and into the ZERO that is preciscily placed and put in what it takes to get to this even zero balanced between one and one but sometimes i call it 1ne and 1ne, you know like saying it, ‘er rather, writin’ it like 2wo and 2wo, see…..yeah, like 3ree and 4our and 5ive, 6ix, 7even, 8te which is kinda different than the others, i know, and 9ine is where it ends ’cause what are you gonna do then at 10, call it 10en and that just does not work for me for you for her and i know not for him nor, for us is this place of nothing .zero. ah, yes,so that the call can be made from north africa to sweden, from rome to venice beach, californina, from a santa monica to hollywood (’cause there was no homephone, nor a home), and the phone call to hollywood was so important, fuck taking the bus to that place where i was supposed to crash for the weekend…..’cause the phoncall is supposed to be to this really big hot important hollywood agent who reps, get this, not only MICKEY ROURKE…but, and you’ll never even guess…..yep, you guessed it: jonas akerlund! the guy that you finally got to agree and also, FINALLY sign with you and your muse and your first born blood-gut-work of soul……! yep… is TRUE. and his name is DAVID UNGER. and, i’m going to spend my last 50 cents to all him and let him know that I KNOW ABOUT THIS, his being involved now and his being a part of…THIS! i guess the real reason i just want to call is because I’M SO excited about it all for me AND for him….man, when we talk, he is going to understand better how great and lucky we all are to be working on SPUN together and……well, MAYBE, well yeah, probably, UNGER already feels these exitedness of creation! heck yeah! no doubt, he is PROBABLY EVEN THINKIN’ bout WHY i haven’t called yet. and, how much he would like to MEET ME even take me for a meal. and so, those last of the few coins owned is dropped into the payphone. ICM’s number is dialed. UNGER’s office is rung. one of his well-trained yeah right well-trained to suck cock alone ashamed not even wet between those Gold’s Gym thighs that are in existence TO BE wet in between while sucking cock even if it is for a raise to a larger Friday shopping drinking ‘lil baggie of cool cocaine money-money-money girl go back to college to get another degree yeah go on study say maybe fine art this time instead of ‘film’ which led to the cold hard ultra clean pisser-room-ballsac-lickin’ 15 minute coffee ‘er smoke breaks that really just are the 15 minutes of fame those assistant stink-gashes will end up bragging about when they finally quit or get caught maybe a little wet sucking some other fellow ICM agent’s dick or the Mexican maintenance engineer or on the same hard cold floor though in the feminine restroom this time and yep even wetter than with the Mexican toilet scrubber from time to time even lovingly yeah lovingly and e en tenderly nuzzling the overly probed pussy-mouth of some take-charge dyke that miraculously climbed up and over hyenas so “dude i’m fuckin’ straight, man” males that they do indeed sneek the occasional homo-magazine into they abodes after they end up no longer getting sucked-off by stuck-up chick assistants and end up getting blown by mailroom weak boys but how can we blame the chicks for leaving the cock-tongue-duties of men like Unger and ICM’s finest boys so there those snooty persnikity bitches are working latenight afterhours even on weekends just so horny all day long after a long day at the office finally getting to have a big cum delivered by a whirlwind that struck through the office taking a few meetings that good day by a ‘freak’ like some cat Of The Saints…… ut she will and do so poorly continue sucking a smelly-half-shaved cock attached to some art-manslaughterer say, like my Unger yes office agent slut hunger for the taste and swallow for your hunger for Unger feeds your career i know you know Unger and his French-blue shirted buddies’ offices are so stylish beyond reason beyond taste so organized papers as if placed pathetically so, no creation of high-art or even of spooge-art is being done being had. this office of this Unger-uber-boy-agent to the stars and the well-trained-cunt-dog-bitch-deflector of telephone CALLS and mailed letters, electronic messages, yes and evem the very tools of his industry in the most raw of form; scripts……screen PLAYS of true passage of new ways unto a path leading us all, even him a lost whirling child of some selfish retardation of unsharing of creation and of a family reunion of god-art of her father’s reunion to share with his all, with his only, with his very own: all that is of his being. into forever. and the borish, faithless receptionist i know was all cunthairy-gangbangwannabe-bitch-like-so-hot-never-wet so hushed and low so simple and cold she informed me that i must hold and listen to silence and so i do so excited so intent so intent on staying on the right of knowing that he too is excited and intent so this; this call; this last of my spending of my last of my money is oh yes not even a thought. i hold and continue to continue to wait, waiting to wait until i even can HEAR the silence i’ve waited nearly 10 minutes wondering has the line been disconnected accidetnly is UNGER’s secretary-slut not properly trained maybe her 1st day of being the best of the lowest on the totem-pole soon to be climbin’ up to assistant on her knees cocksucker man hating bitch, and she hasn’t learned to transfer calls properly. ok, i’ll hang up and call right back so that it will ring again, after all, they don’t KNOW where it is that i’m calling from, heck i’m at a dumb ‘ol payphone, anyway…..oh wait, i can’t do that, i don’t have anymore money…..shoot, ok…yeah, i’ll wait, i mean, yeah, i’m calling david unger…..and yes…! kick-ass, man! he is so fucking the man there at ICM, i guess….that shit, i mean, really…..he is probably got like you know, maybe even a dozen other calls waitin’ on hold maybe even all those dozen or even dozens of calls could really maybe even be ahead of me waitin’ to wait on hold to hold on to that waiting to wait for all our h-UNGER so yes, did i and oh and how i did wait and i waited to wait until i was lighting the third smoke in the past 15 minutes sucking them right down when you are not talking or eating or breathing just holding your breath listening to silence and sucking the filter smoking and realizing that your silent sucking listening and even enjoying SILENCE is so odd and yet so comfortable that a slow smile crossed my face rememgbering how i loved that breatfeeding that i had so nipple properly stuffed in my mouth, what……up until i was…..i guess, yeah, i guess until i was 16 ‘er i guess i was 16 and one-half when i finally got on to realizing that my own nipples though a man’s nipples mine are; my nipples with little hairs that were then starting to grow wirey all weird ‘n outward from ’round my nips were much more of interest to me than believe it or not even my ever present lovely mother’s milking titties layed so softly and rosebudded in my slopping boy mouth and i could really feel like a baby even when i was almost a man there in my mommy’s bed, us all naked before daddy got home to fuck the big long hole that gets all my leg sometimes all slime and wetness; with his penis and i am in perfect stance my mouth firmly placed over the perfect stance of my milking mommy’s perfect pink nippled breast, listening to silence so pure and intense was i continuing my intent silence listening swiping my tongue along the very tip of the nip as dad’s big ‘ol arms just popped me off entirely from the her sloppy we bags of mom-meat-bounce and toss me off the bed and fuck mom while she listened to the silence i too could hear even louder when mommy kept her eyes closed like that and her head turned to the side away kind of in a way so that she could hear the silence better away a bit from dad’s cussing and yelling and slaps upon mommy’s side of her head and buttocks and well everywhere so i could see sometimes when i would open my eyes that mommy would press her eyes down even harder like a good, big-girl that she is so she could listen to the silence better like me she must have been spying on me when i was breast suckin’ feedin’ and she watched me listen to the perfect silence of me for so long that she was obviously nearly just ’bout an expert at it all of a way all her own but all silence shared with me and now shared with DAVID UNGER who kept me waiting for 12 mintues and interuptted me 2x and strung along sentences like sometimes the way my teachers said i write and the way mommy’s first baby, not me, my mommy’s first very first baby before even me when that baby and it was a girl-baby and when she talked before she died and because of that i could kind of understand UNGER and then even clearer faster than i understood, i did understand no longer forgotten so silent which all so suddenly i understood as what it was and what i was and how i was doing what it was i was to understand so, and so i was ashaken from within me i shook and from above and thus below too was of a shake of sorts and my very slow-sullen-self for what this h-UNGER was, for what….for, for what it is, and all of what DAVID UNGER talking is… now, now all so clear and is so smooth and so pure as to be unexplainable and of such simple and undoubtedly what i had so now understood and was destined to know and to never forget as, the only……yes, the one, the only, the one and only…well, now, really……really, i don’t quite know still, what to call all of this, just to call this a telling…..but, i WILL call it a, a, well yeah, i guess i WILL call it a telling of, of……a telling of it well……well no, not exactly, more like a telling of WILL, well no, i WILL, call it nothing. YES, that IS, it, it… is, it is…..yeah….YEAH……yes….that is what it was i can see it i can well, more than feel it even when i close my eyes like this and i don’t even see it, it IS NOTHING i mean really nothing and i listened closing my eyes so like mommy’s would do, real tight like everytime just like this: whendaddygotmadandassfuckedherandhereyesoftearsandtitsmilkdripping my cock got hard just thinking that i can; NO, I MEAN, I, WILL make movies without this, without this dude doing, being and telling everybody and nobody and sometimes even somebody all of absolute, nothing……EVEN, even if all i WILL never ever never ever hear from all of it entirely all is that there is this nothing is perfect way of such listening of silence that me and my mommy we got it. absolutely. in this one-of-a-kind perfect one of such only one perfect silence this perfet-pitch the only way to describe it would be to tell you the perfect Hollyood-Pitch and it is silent and perfect and a nothing like all he said to them and to me and about me and all the goodness he spoke of me and mine; nothing, nothing so clean so pure so clean is the nothing that we shared so perfectly silent unto each other so right and i knew when i opened my eyes and i heard all that nothing was and i ran covering my ears as some bloodcream from head i felt run-down one of my ears and trickle down side my neck it must of come from where…..from where my Heartcummer now was at goin’ like that now it went sorta to the side like that on its own ’cause-like, ’cause it was older, old like me now all thick-manmeat my soulcock, it had grown from this new area on me now and i wouldn’t want to have to use it like that or be like feeling that i might even have to want to like that but that is how it would always happen from then on everytime that i found myself listening to nothing and waiting to hear more why i was such a boy such a young good-boy and how i only thought that i only wetted like that down an ear and my neck when i was little like real little when i remember it would shoot out kind of, well yeah, kind of fast in a way the path would leak down the front of my shirt somehow and drip from up inside an eye when they were so open when i understood that i was really listening in silence intently waiting to wait and knowing to wait to know nothing for the first time. * ROSE MCGOWAN….for any of the female roles…..actually, i think she would be, and i said it many times in the past before; rose would be of the greatest of the nikki’s ever possible. absolutely. AND GET THIS, CATS…….SHE IS FROM FUCKING EUGENE, OREGON~!~!~!!! NO-shit! she even was here all the way up through her high school…….if she is available, then, i can’t believe we haven’t even been out to her yet….(?) remember chris, back in august of last year, i HAND numbered a whole fuckin’ script for her and even went so far out of the way to ‘highlight’ evey single line of NIKKI’S for her….like a geek, ’cause you were supposed to be meetin’ her for dinner later that night and you said that you’d give it to her, so i split the office a while later….but, you know when i came back the next time round muse….i saw, under a stack of papercrustedcrud, that script, the one you were supposed to have given rose. the one you SAID you WOULD give to her. i never understood why you didn’t……and, really i don’t want to really know. you probably just forgot to take it with you, anyway…..all i care about now is getting this MOVIE cast….so, how about lets get THE SPUN SCRIPT OUT TO ROSE, NOW?

* did SPUN ever go out to WINONA RIDER? or, EVEN BRAD PITT? and, what happened to MATT MacCoughney’s interest/? -not like maccoughny’s value is probably all improperly unasseced, anyway. so, it wouldn’t even matter on him…..

* any word on the WOODY HARRELSON possibilities? i did my research, and………WOODY HARRELSON……IS AVAILABLE. YEPPERS…… I, yes, I, confirmed this. also, a good strong list, for alternate choice ideas for, THE COOK: FUCK IT, go a little older, with: WILEM DAFOE GARY OLDMAN-have had dialouge in past with his agent ABOUT cook role.

*NOTE: YO, MANLEY-HANLEYL-MAN……HEY ya, CHRIS, hey….will you FUCKING PLEASE, CALL ME? like….ah, yeah, LIKE TOMORROW!?!?! (sunday), please? man, you really should…and, it would be like, FINALLY, too! good god guys, you know i’m losin’ it…..may i please come back to venice and have you get me a ticket so i can prepare notes and such for the rewrite with jonas, etc.

Once Upon a time,

-De Los Santos