Scathing Letters

To: Santos | From: Spun Producers


From: tim peternel 9:46 AM


To: William De Los Santos, danny@MuseFilm.COM

will as you might recall (not sure if your brain is completely fried yet) but the REASON you had trouble getting on to the set (nothing to do with Muse or Danny) was your never ending battles with Jonas Akerlund the director of the film…which I pleaded with you not to do but that is water under the bridge at this moment of life…….I was/still am pissed because it got back to Ash mainley… makes us all look like idiots…..Ash and the other three distributors OWN the picture….i don’t think u understand that….that means U and ME and Chris are just hired workers who deliver them a product called SPUN……They want to see the dailies then they GET TO SEE THE DAILIES—Chris and I decided it was best to make a SHORT VERSION of the dailies to best serve the presenatation of everyone’s work (made more sense than sending 45 vhs tapes x 4 all over the world…… was not some special secret tape I personally made for some self promoting reason (in fact it was a major pain in the ass for me–it like a whole fucking week of work)……u never asked ME to be in a scene as far as i recall but yeah getting Jonas to go for it would have been tough so i don’t know what to say about that…. The reason U didn’t get a budget is that there is not reason for U to have a budget? Why? Are U hring somebody? U have no reason or any need whatsoever to have a budget—-I’ll give u hundred bucks right now hot shot if u can come up with ONE possibley reason to need to have a budget–Deal? Will if you want to be involved and treated with “respect” and trusted with stuff u have to get off the DRUGS…..U need to check into REHAB and stop your four day DRUG BINGES that turn u into an insane man (though U are highly entertaining at times)…UNTIL U quit using drugs nobody will ever ever really trust u in any working sense of a relationship…….but u won’t until your dead and your insane life cycle will go on and on in this pathetic path……and by the way U made more money than anyone one on this this film and u are now broke? how? i can’t believe u pissed away all your money in two months? Again its the drugs that fry your mind into making poor decisions……..