Scathing Letters

To: Gallo | From: Murphy

Subject: Gallette and The Jets by Elton John

Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 09:32:39 -0700

From: Don_Murphy

To: Gallo

Thanks for your kind reply.

The reality is that you never wanted to do the film, and that saddens


Say what you will, you know in your heart this is true.

You either don’t like the script (if you read it as you claim) or you

don’t like us or you are afraid of playing Charlie.

If you DID want to, you would try to work it out – we had several

AMAZING meetings with you, you were our guy, and then you phoned asking

for most of the budget. How does one “make an offer” under those

circumstances? In a situation wherein everyone involved is doing it

because of the love of the project and because of the script and because

of what the film could do for their careers you were in a pizzeria with

that Jordan guy the next night telling him, Hartwell, Richman and

everyone else that you “wouldn’t take $999,999, only $1,000,000.”

But the fact is that this ISN’T that film. It never was. It wasn’t

presented to you that way, and despite your attempts to turn it into

that, it just won’t be that thing.

You say we should have been 100 percent – sorry we weren’t – we were

125%! It was YOU who wasn’t behind the film – terrorizing me and my

partner so I had to hang up on you (how professional was that – you

surprise me)…. making sure you spoke to as much Press as possible so

that the financiers for sure would never back you after you dis them so

hard. YOUR EVERY ACT was to make sure that you couldn’t get the role so

that you can now say “Those two fucked me around and then picked someone

else” and this then in your mind gets you off the hook at having to

actually ACT and go to the places we would have taken you.

You wouldn’t have made BUFFALO 66 without Christina? The same girl you

now call a milking cow in interviews? I feel secure enough in our

friendship to say BULLSHIT – you would have made the movie with Roberta

Hanley in the role if that is what it took – so be aware of who you are

talking to, I am so close to being you AND you know it that it isn’t

even funny.

Facts – Susan and I think you are an amazing actor and would make a

great Manson.

Fact- You should be as well known and successful as Al Pacino.

Fact – You don’t want to be either because you fear it or your inward

self-destructive streak (like mine, dude) keeps surfacing. I mean,

c’mon man, SAY ANYTHING YOU FUCKING WANT, talk my ear off for an hour,

but the CHOICE to have no lawyer, no agent, no manager besides

UNPROFESSIONAL (and yes, people do say you are a pro, but that is

apparently in the past after the Courteny Cox film) is just STUPID and

BAD BUSINESS. You don’t know more than a great agent, you don’t know

more than a great manager, and the realest aphorism of all time is the

one about a man who acts as his own attorney having a fool as a client.

Fact- You may think your name in the film was an asset but EVERY

territory and financier all said “Why do we need the hassle? Why do we

need him coming to promote the film and then blackmailing us for 10K” –

we stood behind you, but when we turned around from supporting you there

was a gun at our head asking for money we did not have.

Fact – Before meeting with other actors, I made plans to meet you on a

Friday to discuss the film. You left a message at 1130 (nice) saying

that you were working on an article (although you told Hanley you were

working on a video, so who knows the truth, certainly not you and I).

Fact – you know what, I am tired just writing this Vincent – if YOU

wanted the part, it was yours. Like Gore and the election, it was yours

to lose.

You don’t want to really be an actor – even if you had not said that, it

was obvious. You want to make greenbacks to take with you to the other

side I guess. You want to be a performance artist living your life full

of drama. Susan and I want to make a brilliant film. It has been our

passion, and everything we’ve done (with NO promise of recompense) has

been for the project, so you really do know nothing about either of us –

or Hanley for that matter. Because Hanley IS an artist who does

something for the quality of the work – he might be insane, but he has

passion that is real. I think you have real passion, just not for THE


I hope that when Susan and I see you in public, you are pleasant because

I know we will be and we will look forward to seeing you.

And maybe our third film (wherein a scientist goes back 2000 years and

actually BECOMES Jesus Christ) will bring our paths together again.

Easy, as Charlie would say.