Scathing Letters

To: Thomas | From: Peternal

well at least it shows a canny, cunning, and apt reference to

Irreversible and that noted murder therein by fire extinguisher to a

mans head in club rectum , and further shows the shared mind of

michael burress with that of director gaspar noe and all those

consumed by bridled anger at their state of existence, perhaps an anger

not grown from inner faults at all, but by the outer state of the

world , this anger tempered by the unwillingness of mankind to accept

this tendency to harber violence, when the anger itself is really an

emotion generated by hormone levels manufactured in the more primitive

areas of the brain, those assemblages of neurons , shaped by the ascent

of earlier life forms, animals , beasts , hunting carnivores creatures

as men, and a simple autocatalytic feedback loop that generates such

emergent properties as life being behind it all.


On Saturday, March 15, 2003, at 02:47 PM, Danny Thomas wrote:

> I would love to put this one up – but after the last time (under

> instructions of Chris) I messed with Roberta on the web – I need it

> in writing that I am instructed to do so. I fully agree, though, that

> it captures the essence of Muse.


> dt


> On Saturday, March 15, 2003, at 09:35 AM, timothy peternel wrote:



>> no this letter which i just read a second ago clearly defines the

>> madness of Muse….. should go up on the web site………I know its

>> kinda short and simple but it clearly illustrates how the company

>> functions on a daily basis… fact its my vote for “scathing

>> email” of the year…..

>> Begin forwarded message:


>>> From: Chris Hanley

>>> Date: Fri Mar 14, 2003 7:57:37 PM US/Pacific

>>> To: Michael Burress

>>> Cc: Timothy Peternel

>>> Subject: Re: ANImation VHS ready


>>> Tim : just make sure we get this back as soon as you are finished

>>> with it


>>> very important –there are still tapes in Toronto and in Sundance!!


>>> chris h



>>> On Friday, March 14, 2003, at 11:29 AM, Michael Burress wrote:


>>>> Hey Tim,


>>>> Last night I stayed too late to go to my Gym as I’d planned, so I

>>>> stayed later (12:30) and rendered the Jonas Quicktimes to video

>>>> (takes an hour! on a 400MHz G4) so that’s when it ‘fit my

>>>> schedule.’ VHS of looped animation, (no audio) on your desk.


>>>> I’m sorry I screamed at you yesterday. You were just one too many

>>>> confused ignorant weasel wanting something from me. Just venting

>>>> entirely wrongly on you. Much more satisfying and appropriate for

>>>> me to crush Roberta’s head with a fire extinguisher.


>>>> M

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