Killer Joe

A young trailer-trash lowlife, Chris Smith, conspires with his father Ansel to have their mother and ex-wife, respectively, murdered, in order to collect the life insurance policy so Chris can repay gambling debts. When the hitman, Killer Joe, arrives, they’re forced to play by his rules, which includes the submission of Chris’ kid sister Dottie as sexual collateral. When a flub-up with the insurance twists the plan around, Killer Joe gives no mercy when it comes to collecting his end of the bargain. The screenplay is written by Tracy Letts, Pulitzer Prize winning penman of “August: Osage County”, and set to be directed by William Friedkin (The French Connection).

To: Tracey (Independent) | From: Claudio Modola

Dear Tracey A friend here in Lamu, couple of weeks after your departure had the questionable idea to inform me about an article on the Independent. I used the day after the poor technology available to this remote corner of the empire to find it. The author was you and the profile of the man between your lines was I. My identity it may be not clear to most of the Independent readers but unequivocal to everybody in the archipelago. I feel therefore the right to respond in an amicable manner with no hope that this page will compensate somehow yours but just as a sort of intellectual exercise. A way to translate few thoughts. It seem dear Treacly that for some mysterious reasons you are slightly “Haunted” by the word “mercenary” that in your writing is clearly confused with the word “Hitman” in the most hollywodyan sense of the term.

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