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To: Chris Hanley | From: Vincent Gallo

Subject: Re: stolen Glitter Buffalo ’66 poster

From: Chris Hanley

Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2008 03:58:59 +0000

To: Jonathan Fong muse cel , chris hanley , Danny Thomas

Well we have agreed as is well know to never speak ( or communicate) again in this lifetime ( this was by the way over an argument roberta had with Gallo and then later took it out on Chloe on the ” blow job” issue of re Brown Bunny — not my issue at all– I am one of minority who prefers the long version of Brown Bunny, and have gone on long record from day one as having defended the film as achieving some level of filmic artistry , esp in the phtography ). I guess the strategy was not clearly thought out to get a poster replacement).

I am not sure that my having the copyright on the Buff66 movie and holding the name and likeness rights to Gallo pertaining to the movie , has anything to do with what’s on You Tube ( as I am not sure exactly what is up on You Tube , not being the person that cloose the clips I shot or put them up from Muse ) I believe that it is lunch in a public place of video that I shot — so as I noted there is no copyright infringment issue , I own the coppyright of the short motion picture of a real life event. But there is only a name and likeness issue which of a public figure in a public place is permitted under the first amendment. And especially when there is no financial exploitatoion at all. Its just free viewing of a real event of a public figure. I certainly hope there is no fee for watching any of my real life clips.

Also Gallo as director was ” work for hire” by Buff66 Inc of which I am the sole shareholder , so , strictly speaking we were not ” partners ” , but he was the employee of Buff66 Inc , of which I am sole owner. In fact it was , in point of fact, it was solely my idea for Gallo to direct his story , a fictionalized version of events derived from his own life. If it were up to his toughts on directing Monte Hellman or Mark Romanek would have directed the movie. I think my idea for Gallo to direct remains in tact as appropriate for the material. Indeed, at the time, he was surprized I could appreciate his prior work in contemporary art and music to be indicative of his talent to direct.

In terms of having a poster of a movie I produced on my Muse office wall , as indicatong some friendship , that, according to Gallo , such a relationship never existed — well that relationship which started in late 1983 , would be hard pressed to be categorized as a ” friendship” unless being informed at 4am nightly, while attempting to achieve 3 hours of sleep during the shooting of Buffalo 66 that I would be stabbed in the face so many times that blood would be coming out of my asshole, was really a kind of friendship. It is more like the relationship of a nemesis. if such can be a friendship , only history could tell.

I would however accept and value a Gallo glittered version of the statement of non- copyright infringement to You Tube I sent , as a work of art and a document that would well memorialize our employer / employee relationship on Buffalo 66 , and our 25 year non- friendship.


( Danny: Please put this up on muse Scathing Letter)

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Subject: Fw: Glitter Buffalo ’66 poster

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From: “Vincent Gallo”


Sent: Saturday, November 01, 2008 2:33 PM

Subject: Re: Glitter Buffalo ’66 poster

> >I would rather not have images or relics of my work on display at the Muse

> > office as if Muse was a friend or real former partner.

> >

> > Why not simply blow up and glitter over the sad letter faggot Chris wrote

> > to

> > youtube to maintain his illegal exploitation of my likeness. A real class

> > act he is.

> >

> >

> > On 10/31/08 12:15 AM, “Jonathan Fong” wrote:

> >

>> >> Dear Vincent,

>> >>

>> >> Someone has absconded with the “diamond dust” Buffalo ’66 poster from our

>> >> Venice office. I see you’ve sold out of them on your merchandise site. Do

>> >> you

>> >> happen to still have a copy you are willing to sell for a reasonable

>> >> price?

>> >> Thanks.

>> >>

>> >> Best,

>> >> Jonathan Fong

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