Confessions of a Trick Baby

Written and directed by Matthew Bright


In this modern update of the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale (actually more like Gretel and Gretel), 15-year old Crystal is a bulimic delinquent who makes her living by beating and robbing potential “tricks”. While awaiting a 25-year jail term, Crystal hooks up with a psychotic young lesbian named Cyclona, doing time for slaughtering her entire family. After escaping, they head for Mexico, where Cyclona’s saviour Sister Gomez lives in a confectionery full of children. Along the way, they leave a trail of crack rocks, binging and purging, and dead people.



Natasha Lyonne, Vincent Gallo, Max Perlich, David Allen Grier, Jon Landis, MarĂ­a Celedonio, Michael T. Weiss