Directed by Richard Elfman
Written by Matthrew Bright


Count Dracula is in L.A., running a hideous club scene, and he’s angry that a rogue vampire, posing as a streetwalker, is slashing. He’s also unhappy that Dallas, a youthful undead and former protégé, is in town. The rogue slasher, Nico, serendipitously picks Dallas as a victim; after discovering each other’s nature, they become lovers. In fear of the Count, Dallas’s coterie urges him to kill Nico, but he refuses. Meanwhile, a Viennese vampire hunter, Van Helsing, arrives in L.A. and hires the Crips to help him. They’re soon following Nico and Dallas. When they capture her, Dallas wants to deal: spare Nico and he’ll lead the hunters to Dracula. It’s time for stake and bake.



Casper Van Dien, Natasha Wagner, Natasha Lyonne, Rod Steiger, Kim Cattrall, Udo Kier, Natasha Andrejchenko, Robert Pastorelli, Gabriel Casseus, Craig Ferguson, Flex, Victor Togunde