Intern squabble/Post-collegiate delirium

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The best tidbit I have seen on the internet recently is a Jalopnik article
about two guys living out of there cars when they were broke,
unemployed, evicted, forced to live out of their cars in urban Florida hell.

I think you will like it. It is a really quick read. I can’t believe
how lucky I am that I live in the US with relative-to-world-standards rich
parents and a job and went to college. Sometimes my mind is just
floored and is totally blown just to think that I am a human on earth and that
there are six billion other people that will take shits today and showers
and eat meat.

Like where does all the meat come from? How can there
be so much of it for everyone in the world? That alone is staggering.
How can everyone in NYC in their apartments go to the bathroom and
flush it down and out of their lives forever? How in the hell did we
build this system that allows for plumbing in a 70 story building to
work SEAMLESSLY. ALL OVER NYC. We just take if for granted. Plus
people in this world own private jets and just do whatever they want.
Others die in the most horrid ways- starvation, genocide…at the same
time as Brad Pitt goes to the Grauman’s Chinese Theater for the
premiere of his new movie. I am tripping out right now.



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That stuffs crazy I would reply longer but I need to go to sleep so
badly now. I was just thinking about how life is totally a dream like
in inception, dreams within dreams – haven’t you seen it?