Scathing Letters

To: | From: Bully Producers

Subject: BULLY Producers Reply To The Statement Of Death Threats

Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 20:51:51 -0700

From: chris hanley


Well I am the producer of the film along with Don Murphy and Fernando Sulichin and we are completely baffled. In fact we love the controversy that your site and statements contained therein has created around the movie Bully–and the director and our selves as producers have always enjoyed the right of others to criticize our work. Don Murphy made Natural Born Killers and I made American Psycho and Larry Clark made Kids–and these films were subject to extreme controversy which we felt opened the themes of the movies to scrutiny that engendered a fair analysis of the content presented to our audiences.

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To: Murphy | From: Hanley

Subject: Death Threats

Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 12:25:58 -0700 From: To: chris@MuseFilm.COM CC:,,dehillary@MuseFilm.COM,

Chris do you think this was Jordan?


To: Santos | From: Spun Producers


From: tim peternel 9:46 AM


To: William De Los Santos, danny@MuseFilm.COM

will as you might recall (not sure if your brain is completely fried yet) but the REASON you had trouble getting on to the set (nothing to do with Muse or Danny) was your never ending battles with Jonas Akerlund the director of the film…which I pleaded with you not to do but that is water under the bridge at this moment of life…….I was/still am pissed because it got back to Ash mainley… makes us all look like idiots…..Ash and the other three distributors OWN the picture….

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To: Muse | From: Santos

Subject: the letter you asked for

Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2001 07:01:27 -0700

From: William De Los Santos <>

To: chris@MuseFilm.COM


ok, here it is. if you ever reprint it chris, print ALL OF IT, or none of it. deal?



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To: Muse | From: Santos


Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2001 07:09:20 +0000


To: chris@MuseFilm.COM

CC: danny@MuseFilm.COM, tim@MuseFilm.COM

yeah, great letters y’all trade about me…..

just for the record…..that ‘chick’ that claims all that crap, wanted to keep fucking me so that she would become pregnant christ, how she wants my baby…..and, when i stopped fucking her, she flipped-out and said that if i didn’t stay with her, i mean, KEEP on fucking her, that she would, do all she could to ‘ruin’ me. she even claimed to BE pregnanat. calling me at muse telling me this. then, a few days later, she called to tell me she had an abortion. what crap. she couldn’t have even fucking known she was pregnant that soon…..what a lyin’ bitch, shit, she never even made me cum up her cunt anyway.┬ávince vaughn AND stephen dorf both told me that she was a whako and that i should stay away…… but, i didn’t listen, and pumped her anyway.

only truth: all i had in the bag in which she said she looked in; was porn.

-De Los Santos

To: Gertner | From: Hanley


Re: McKenna

Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 21:34:28 -0800

From: chris hanley <chris@MuseFilm.COM>

To: Jordan Gertner <>

CC: Clark McCutchen <>, Danny Thomas<>

Hey can fuck himself. My middle name is trouble. If he does not want it published he should not send it to my name.


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To: Muse | From: McKenna

Mickable Doyle Productions

David McKenna



Larry Clark

Don Murphy

Fernando Sulichin

Re: Bully

The purpose of this letter is to inform the above parties that I, in conjunction with my attorney, am removing my name from the film Bully. I will instead be utilizing the pseudonym Zachary Long for my writing credit. The Writer’s Guild has been informed of my intent to use this pseudonym. My reasons follow.

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To: Muse | From: Sadie

10/30/2000 7:59 AM

Subject: Guess Christina won’t be playing

SadieTo: chris@MuseFilm.COM,,,


And this psycho prick is who you stand behind for Charlie, Chris? I can

Wait forever before I have to spend three months dependent on him….

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To: Thomas | From: Santos

Well, well, well……thomas,

as they say…..

you can’t keep the truth of a man out of the man!

your last email to me, last night telling me to ‘……stop asking me to

help your homeless little ass….’

proves, beyond what i even expected…..even from you; that you are a

self-righteous, scum bag, who only really is moved to serve, when it is you

serving your dirty disgusting crazed

sickning cum-seed all over the smelly musky ass-crack of some woman with a

cock or a dude with tits…..your under-sized and under-pussied,


stained with the shit of one of your freshly hunted, ass-fingered and

sucked, yes…..

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To: Robert | From: Don wrote:

> 1- I am not your boy, you are my bitch.

> 2- I love that you say we were off playing producer. I found a book. I

> optioned it with my own money. I got an a list writer to write a draft on


> I hooked up the director. I got a lead to commit to the film. Chris and

> Fernando lined up the money. You pushed around paper. For that you want


> word producer next to your name? YOU ARE A HIRED GLORIFIED ACCOUNTANT WHO



> 3- No, sex is out apparently for you with men and women. Clean your fist.

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To: Hanley | From: Murphy


> Subject: Re: Manuel and Arnaud

> Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 19:36:51 -0400 (EDT)

> From:

> To: chris@MuseFilm.COM,


> In a message dated 6/27/2000 12:39:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time,

> chris@MuseFilm.COM writes:


> << ve

> comfort). But you could see how Canal might argue for $2.25Mil if they

> were trying to make a point and not just taking advantage of us by saying

> $2Mil.


> Chris >>

> Yes I can see this . . .


> I can also see Manuel Chiche giving blowjobs to a roomful of goats….


> Nice image